Like many others, I discovered there was very little information available on the Internet and even through my own family doctor to help me understand what life after diagnosis looked like. My goal is to help other sufferers of this illness to cover the costs associated with Graves Disease to avoid financial devastation.

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The Graves Disease Foundation of Edmonton

Hi there!

You’ve either visited us because you have been diagnosed with Graves Disease or you have been a supporter of someone who has been battling the illness. No matter how you found us, we’re glad you did!

Maybe you’re a little overwhelmed with your new diagnosis and are trying to find some local support. Maybe you’ve lost your job due to the disease and you’re just getting by covering medical costs. Or perhaps, you’re just here looking for more information to pass along to a loved one.

Whatever your story… We understand, because we’ve been there too! That’s how The Graves Disease Foundation of Edmonton got started!

Whether you want to learn a little more about the illness or you’re hoping to find a light at the end of the tunnel, you’ve come to the right place.

Our goal is to provide a safe, loving place for people to connect with one another to chat about their diagnosis.

The Graves Disease Foundation of Edmonton’s mandate is to offer on going assistance to people suffering from this rare disease; as well as to provide moral and personal support to all who are affected by it.

We do this through information sessions; introductions to others in similar situations; and ultimately will be offering financial support for those who may need assistance in the future.

Our next support meeting is:

The first Wednesday of every 3rd month. Join “The Graves Disease Foundation of Edmonton” on Facebook to view location/times of all upcoming meetings.

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